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The role of the Harris Tweed Authority is to protect and promote the Harris Tweed brand and reputation. We neither make Harris Tweed cloth nor sell Harris Tweed items. To ensure that you help preserve the quality of the brand, it is essential that you read the Labels Policy and Brand Use Rules when using Harris Tweed.

Harris Tweed Authority Educational Trust Conference 2021 – Session 1


Session 1: The Home of Harris Tweed®

Lorna Macaulay, Harris Tweed Authority CEO

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Our first ever online conference took place in May 2021 in the Home of Harris Tweed®. Three live sessions over the course of two days covered: the role of the Harris Tweed Authority; stories of Outer Hebridean weaving culture; and a live weaver demonstration. Each talk was followed by responses from the speaker to questions raised by our conference attendees.

Session 1: The Home of Harris Tweed®

Lorna Macaulay, Harris Tweed Authority CEO

Session Overview

In this introductory session, Lorna gives an overview of the Harris Tweed® story, sharing details of our provenance and history. She discusses the structure of the industry and the vital, reciprocal relationship between the Authority, the Harris Tweed® mills and the weavers. She explains how the Authority protects and promotes the Orb and the Harris Tweed® brand around the world.

As a bonus, this session made time for questions from the conference attendees. These delve into the history of the Paisley sisters and the Orb; the future of the industry and even the cost of a loom today.

This session is especially appropriate for everyone who works with Harris Tweed® fabric, in a professional or personal capacity.

All proceeds go to the Harris Tweed Authority Educational Trust.
Registered Company Number: SC173554 (Scotland)
Registered Charity Number: SC026202

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